Automated Sample Prep System

J2 Scientific introduces the ultimate flexibility and automation for the sample prep lab. The PrepLinc™ Platform Automated Sample Preparation System offers the ability to combine common sample prep process inline on one system. With modules available for automating Solid Phase Extraction, Gel Permeation Chromatography Cleanup and Concentration, there are a multitude of configuration possibilities. Combine SPE with Concentration, combine GPC Cleanup with SPE, even concentrate a sample between two processes.

The combination of these technologies gives the user flexibility and options to significantly decrease sample handling while increasing data quality and productivity. High powered software utilizes the features of each module to make the PrepLinc™ a complete sample prep solution,


SPEi Solid Phase Extraction Modules

AccuVap Concentration Module

GPC Cleanup Module

- Create unique mat with your choice of tray sizes
- Create user-defined trays in the software
- Septum piercing is standard
- Use up to 15 mL columns; not limited to one manufacturer
- Multi-column methods
- Positive pressure with programmable flow rates
- Forward and reverse flow on any position
- Large volume pump option for a variety of water methods
- Only FULLY automated concentration system
- Concentrate samples from SPE & GPC or from vial
- Collect multiple fraction in chamber for combined concentration
- Quantitate in chamber; transfer to GC vial ready for analysis
- Take sample completely to dryness or adjustable endpoint
- Chamber options based on final volume
GPC Cleanup
- Direct Inject; inject entire sample onto column
- Use traditional and high pressure columns up to 5500 psi
- Integrate with AccuVap or SPE


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