PrepLinc GPC Cleanup Module

The GPC Cleanup Module for PrepLinc™ performs cleanup of a wide range of sample matrices including foods, tissues, grains, plants and environmental samples such as soil, sludge, and hazardous waste for EPA (SW-846 Method 3640A), CLP, FDA, USDA and USDI analysis.

Using our experience with GPC Cleanup, J2 Scientific has perfected it on this new platform. All the unique features of previous models are combined with high-powered software and the ability for further automation by combining GPC with other prep processes on the PrepLinc™.

The PrepLinc™ GPC Cleanup Module provides another level of functionality to the PrepLinc™ system. The ability to combine GPC Cleanup with Automated Concentration and/or SPE on the PrepLinc™ system, completes the sample prep package.


- Direct Inject - inject the entire sample onto the column
- Septum piercing standard for sample & collect vials
- Probe tracking & user-defined rinses
- 2- or 5-column selector valve
- UPS Power Watchdog
- Sample Dilution
- Multiple Injections
- Specialized calibration & reporting software features for GPC
- Create methods directly from the column calibration file
- Use with low-pressure glass or high pressure columns
- Integrate with PrepLinc SPE and AccuVap modules


Use the defined method templates for standard GPC Cleanup and Column calibration or create a specialized method with multiple collect or dump fractions using the simple method builder.

- Programmable dilution prior to injection
- Different flow rate during equilibration
- User defined rinses
- Collect fraction flow directed to SPE column*
- Collect fration flow directed to AccuVap*
- Program multiple collect fractions; direct each to vial, SPE or AccuVap individually*
*requires optional modules


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