AccuVap Inline and FLX™
Concentration Modules

Adding an AccuVap™ Concentration Module to the PrepLinc™ System eliminates the need for a separate bulk evaporation step when combined with processes like SPE or GPC Cleanup. Choose from two models: AccuVap™ Inline or AccuVap™ FLX. Both offer concentration of solvent directly from another process (GPC or SPE), but the FLX also allows offline concentration.

Unlike other semi-automated evaporation systems, the AccuVap™ will automatically solvent exchange and quantitatively transfer your sample to a GC vial ready for analysis. Powerful software controls heat and vacuum at every stage of the process to protect analyte recoveries. Programmable heated rinses eliminate carryover.

Save time and improve results. Free up lab technicians and decrease sample handling. Adding the AccuVap™ to your PrepLinc™ system will really automate your world!


- Enclosed evaporation chamber
- Three heating zones with user defined heat & vacuum for each zone
- Vacuum control from 100-760 torr
- Two endpoint settings: dryness or adjustable endpoint (1-5 mL)
- Manage use of up to three solvents for sample exchange, final solvent and rinsing
- Add a pre-evaporation spike
- Add a keeper solution
- Perform multiple solvent exchanges
- Heated rinse cycle with choice of solvent ensures no carry-over
- Transfer concentrated sample into GC vial or other storage vial


- The PrepLinc™ AccuVap™ Method Editor is full-featured, yet intuitive.
- Parameters for each stage of the concentration process are clearly separated.
- Solvents are programmed at software setup for easy recall when programming methods.
- Heating rates and vacuum settings are adjustable on the fly for quick method development.
- Knowledgeable applications staff are available to optimize method parameters for matrix, solvent and analytes of interest.


- Solvent Recovery Module
- Internal Temperature Probe



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