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PC Control Software

With AccuPrep™ PC Control Software designed specifically for the AccuPrep™ GPC Cleanup System, the prep lab technician gets the benefit of high-level system control and the ability to enter sample information to be reported through AccuChrome™ Chromatography Software.

AccuPrep™ PC Control Software utilizes an easy Windows-based format that keeps most functions just a click away. A permanent status screen shows current system status at a glance. The ability to save columns and methods with unique names that can be reported gives the ultimate in traceability.

Method Programming Five programmable discard or collect fraction.
Each collect fraction can be split into multiple fractions.
Automatic pump equilibration time programmable for each method.
Programmable precise rinse volume after sample injection and sample collection.
*View Method Setup Screen*
Sequence Programming Tabular spreadsheet for quick sequence programming.
Program multiple columns and pressure ranges in the same sequence.
Add/Remove/Insert samples during sequence processing.
Store detector plot for each sample.

Copy, Cut and Paste functions.
*View Sequence Editing Screen*

Injection Programmable injection volume from 1µL to 15mL.
Sample does not enter syringe during aspiration.
Multiple injections from the same sample.
Detector Control Automated control of detector and chromatography software: generates unattended event mark/start pulse.
Automatic zero/null before sample injection.
Data collection from two detector inputs simultaneously.
View detector data during sequence processing.
Three selectable detector input ranges.
Pump Control Flow rate ramping from .01 - 2 mL/sec.
Automatic flow-rate calibration.

Programmable over-pressure limits up to 2500 psig.
Programmable under-pressue limit to detect loss of solvent flow.

*View Solvent Pump Control Screen*

Probe Tracking Sample probe tracks down with top of sample during sample pick-up to minimize probe contact and rinsing requirements.
Solvent Watchdog Keeps track of mobile phase level and warns when low; programmable warning thresholds.
Will pause sequence until solvent is added to avoid sample loss.
Enter mobile phase description and lot numbers for reports.


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