Chromatography Software

AccuChrome™ is the newest, most advanced chromatography software for GPC Cleanup applications. Finally technicians in the sample prep lab can enjoy the software features that analysts have used for years!

AccuChrome™ is a full-featured reporting and chromatography package that lets the technician track batch and sample data, print reports for each sample batch and record, print and save fully annotated column calibration chromatograms for compliance with USEPA SW-846 Method 3640A and the Contract Laboratory Program.

Take the next step in achieving a fully automated, state of the art sample prep lab . . . add the AccuPrep™ GPC Cleanup System with AccuChrome™ Chromatography Software to your lab bench.



Save and archive sequence data with a unique name.
Create reports for each sequence.

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Create reports for individual samples that include detector data.
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View, annotate and print individual chromatograms.

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Automatically calculate peak resolution and print to that sample's report.
Customize reports with unique company or group logo.
Export sample and batch data to programs such as Microsoft Word & Excel,
Crystal Reports, Adobe PDF or XML formats.

PC Requirements
Windows 2000, XP or XP Pro
30 GB Hard Drive
One COM port
128 MB RAM
Pentium 500 MHz
1024 x 768 Screen Resolution
CD Rom Drive


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