AccuPrep™ GPC Cleanup System
Options & Accessories

Personalize your AccuPrep™ System
to meet the unique needs of your laboratory

Solvent Bottle Level Sensor
Never lose samples again because the mobile phase ran out! With our Solvent Bottle Level Sensor, an audible alarm sounds when the mobile phase solvent level drops below the sensor. You set the level! The sensor is fully integrated with the AccuPrep™ software. If the solvent level is not replenished, the system will pause the run at the end of the current sample to avoid later sample loss. The sensor is invaluable if you process samples overnight.

Multi-Column Selector
With the Multi-Column Selector Valve, it is possible to have more than one column attached to the system at all times. You no longer have to manually switch tubing and connections to use a different column. Simply designate a column for a particular method and the software automatically puts that column in-line at the start of the sample run

Power Watchdog
Uninterruptible Power Supply
With the addition of an uninterruptible power supply to your AccuPrep™ GPC Cleanup System, you not only get surge protection, you also get a unique Power Watchdog! If the UPS is required to supply power to the AccuPrep™ due to a power failure, the Power Watchdog takes notice. If, at the end of the current sample, power has not returned, the Power Watchdog will force the system to pause. If power is restored before the current sample is finished, the sequence will continue without interruption.


Direct Injection

Upgrade from loop overfill to accommodate direct injection and partial loop fill injection for samples. This feature allows the entire sample to be injected on the column as opposed to half with the standard loop-overfill method. Contact technical support for the help determining the best injection method for your application.

Collection Trays
The AccuPrep™ can accommodate a variety of different collection vessels
to match the evaporation technique used after GPC cleanup.

-38x200mm Culture Tube; 42 Position; Traditional Glass Column
-25x200mm Culture Tube; 70 Position; Express™ Glass Column
-Turbo® 60mL Tube; 48 Position
-Turbo® 200mL Tube; 25 Position
-Turbo® 500mL Tube; 12 Position
-Round Bottle 125mL; 25 Position
-Boiling Flask 125mL & 250mL; 12 Position
-Rapid® 500mL Tube; 12 Position
-I-C hem Vial; 48 Position

Specialty trays available upon request.




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