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AccuPrep™ GPC Cleanup System
Replacement Parts and Consumables
AutoInject Module Parts
BV7600 Syringe, 10,000 µL
BV7601 Syringe, 25,000 µL
BV564K5 Sample Loop, 5.0 mL
BV564K2.5 Sample Loop, 2.5 mL
BV564K10 Sample Loop, 10 mL
Autosampler Parts, Model 1250
AS8020581 Probe Tube
AK006 Septum Piercing Kit
PR0802 Probe, 14", Side Port
Autosampler Parts, Model 3300
PR3333 Probe, 7", T1, M3300
Vials, Caps & Septa
BV16100T-CS Sample Tube, 16x100mm, Threaded, Case/1000
BV25200-PK Collect Tube, 25x200mm, Pack/48
BV38200T Collect Tube, 38x200mm, Each
BV016 Cap, Open Top, 16mm, Pack/144
BV016T-PK Septa, TFE Disc, 13mm, Pack/100
Solvent Pump Parts
SP101 Inlet Check Valve
SP102 Outlet Check Valve
AK009 Priming Kit
SP105 Seal Replacement Kit
AK013 Tubing Kit
SP107 Piston, Replacement
Replacement Cables
CN0760 Power Cable
CN0765 Power Cable, Continental Europe
CN0758 PC Communication Cable

Autosampler Communication Cable, M1250

CN0766 Autosampler Communication Cable, M3300
CN0756 High Pressure Pump Cable
CN0759 Start Pulse Cable
CN0762 UPS Communication Cable
CN0761 UV Detector Cable
Tubing & Fittings
TB008 Tubing, TFE, 1/8" OD, 1/16" ID
TB016 Tubing, TFE, 1/16" OD, 1/32" ID
TB564 Tubing, TFE, 5/64" OD
FT119A Fitting, Nut, 10-32

Fitting, Nut, 1/16", Peek

FT259 Ferrule Set, 1/16"
FT331 Fitting, Nut, 1/8", Peek
FT359 Ferrule Set, 1/8"
FT115A Fitting, Nut, 1/8" & 2mm
FT117A Ferrule, 1.8mm, Green
FT116A Union, 1/4-28F, TFE
TB010K Restrictor, UV Detector
BV080 Syringe, 10 mL, Leur-Lok
RR1101 Chart Recorder Paper, Pack/4 Rolls
RR1001 Chart Recorder Pens, Pack/4 Pens
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